Twitter Assignment

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I had joined the HKBU Award Winners Forum on last Tuesday.

Ms. Hannah Beech (East. Asia Bureau Chief. TIME Asia)

Ms. Nancy C.Carvajal (Reporter. Philippine Daily Inquirer)

Ms. Yi-Shan Chen (Deputy Editor. Common Wealth Magazine)

Mr. Harry Harrison (Cartoonist. South China Morning Post)

Ms. Didi Kirsten Tatlow (Correspondent. International New York Times)

Mr. Greg Torode (Special Correspondent. Reuters)


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My Audio Interview Assignment


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Tammi, Kong Yan Pui, 19 years old, was the ex-Hong Kong cycling team member. She had quitted from the team before DSE. She is a student of biology of Hong Kong Baptist University. Actually she is my neighbor in hall. Here is some sharing about her and her training period.


What is the most significant change you’ve seen in your lifetime?

Why do you need to be trained in mainland? It is because Hong Kong do not have enough facilities for you?

Do you think that it is hard to be an athlete in Hong Kong?

How’s you life? Do you think there are any differences between the pervious and now?

Do your parents support your decision?

Do you enjoy being the cyclist more or being the student more?

Will you plan to pick up your sports again in the future?

Can you tell me something about the interesting things during your training period?